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    SPIDER-The new bait rocket made in ADVANCE FISHING.

    After 3 intense years in terms of research and development, in addition to an incalculable number of hours and tests on lake banks, SPIDER has finally born.
    It revolutionizes the classic idea of bait rocket, consisting of 4 independent sections allowing 2 different loading ways:


    • Open in 2 sections, it loads grains and pastures quickly and easily, without hands coming into contact with baits;
    • 3 closed sections and 1 open (spoon opening), it allows the full loading of the whole container, especially useful for boilies and pellets.

    Its division in 4, moreover, allows an immediate discharge of the pasture and opening at water impact of 100%, both with the use of the "clip ", or in the case of free launch (short or long distances). Its weight doesn't affect recovery at all (quite zero) : its 4 hulls (only 2 of them come in contact with water) allow a slight floating on the surface, also facilitated by the buoyancy (thanks to a special container filled with air, placed on the terminal part of the feeder).

    Its extremely aerodynamic shape allows every type of launch: so stable when flying that, even if launched completely empty, it exceeds 100mt . This feature makes SPIDER versatile and suitable for every fisherman (angler), at any distance, with extreme precision. Moreover, unlike all the other baiters on the market, its closure also allows a comfortable launch by putting it on the ground, without the inconvenience of the undesired opening, due to the action of its 24 magnets.

    • Weight: 65gr
    • Pellets capacity: 120gr
    • Boiles capacity(20mm) N°23
    • Boiles capacity(14mm): N°61
    • Particles capacity: 155gr