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    Instrument for measuring the water temperature and the chemical analysis of their commercials. Ideal to be launched (thanks to its extreme aerodynamics can reach really big distances) or dropped from the boat. The water enters into the holes of AQUA only once the latter is located on the seabed. It must leave a few minutes stop on commercials before quickly retrieve it. The chemical analysis can be done with test strips that we only indicate the PH or with test strips 5 in 1 (show us Ph, Gh, Kh, nitrates, nitrites and chlorine).


    All or almost all know more or less their own bait, or how it behaves (IN THEORY) ... but nobody until now had never been able to really know in which the same conditions actually fishing ... because the water surface that often we analyze, it is rarely the same as our SPOT on the seabed, with AQUA you can.