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    KORDA 4mm Rubber Bead


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    4mm Rubber Bead

    These were designed for use with the Safe Zone flying back leads. The hole inside the bead is tapered so if it is fished with the larger hole facing towards the rod then it will pass more easily over a leader knot.

    The small hole will then rest against the top of the anti-tangle system stopping the large bore of the back leads from sliding down the anti-tangle system which would stop the flying back lead 'flying' back on the cast.
    Purely coincidentally, they are perfect for use on the Safe Zone leaders should you wish to fish them chod style and anchor the hook link on one of the two tungsten collars designed to hold the leader down on the lakebed.

    They are also ideal for the shokka rig, which incorporates a running inline lead with a back stop set a few inches behind it on one of the leaders or on a length of rig tube.

    I'm sure anglers will find a multitude of uses for them.

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