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    Awa Shima Fluo + Sun 2x 300m


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    The new series Fluo+ enriches the range of AWA'S ION POWER high-class monofilaments with extraordinary properties and excellent physical parameters. Fluo+ series includes three color variants - yellow with designation "Sun", orange with designation "Coral" and black with designation "Black".

    These monofilaments are made of the top-quality MITSUBISHI Novamid NF polymers which are uniquely dyed on molecular level, i.e. the tinting is applied directly to the raw polymer material prior to its use in production of monofilament itself. The result is a monofilament with high linear and knot strengths and permanent colouring.

    Fluo+ lines are intended for general use, whether for carp fishing or spinning or sea fishing.

    Their color, thanks to its perfect visibility in different light conditions, helps anglers to keep control of casting, visualizes the position of bait as well as helps them to control the fighting of a fish. At the same time the line is still almost invisible to fish in the water. Fluo+ lines are parallel spooled on two connected spools - each of them of 300m (total 600m in pack).

    Thanks to the application of PLS - Line Parallel Spooling - the lower layers remain perfectly smooth and not damaged by the upper layers and all the line is laid on the spool without twist or torsion


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