Besplatna dostava za iznose iznad 250,00 KN za RH


SENSAS 3000 Barbeau 1 kg

38,40 HRK

These are the most famous and successful groundbaits Sensas has ever made.

A very versatile feed and a prime example of continental groundbaiting knowhow. A strong attractive aroma combined with a fast active action in the water make this easytomix recipe.

In this classic range of groundbaits you will find something to suit all types of fishing; canal, lake, and river.

Whether fishing rod and line or the pole these top quality specialist groundbaits are perfectly adapted to attract and hold fish in your swim.

They have been developed by top match anglers over some time and benefit from all their experience in adapting the mixes to catch you more fish.
The 3000 range have been formulated as top match winners. 
mixing instructions

For best results, place groundbait and additives in a round mixing bowl.
Blend the dry ingredients thoroughly before adding water.
Add water slowly whilst vigorously stirring the mix together. This procedure is made easier with a sponge, which allows even distribution of water.
The use of a round groundbait bowl means there are no corners to trap and leave dry groundbait.
When the mix begins to appear adequately dampened set it aside for 5-10 minutes.
You should find after 10 minutes the mix will require a little more water before its ready for use.
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