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MAITH'S BAITS Liquid Robin Red

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Product Information

Liquid ROBIN RED® has been field tested extensively for the past 18 months.

• Contains 20% pure genuine Robin Red®
• PVA Friendly so ideal for stocking-meshed pellets, crumb or seeds
• Can also be used for stick mixes and in PVA bags
• Add to a Method Mix, Carpet Feed or Bag Mix
• Use as a glug on boiled baits (see Photo 3), shelf-life boilies, pop-ups, particles and seed blends, cereals, floaters or just pour a few mils over your hookbaits
• Brilliant when used together with our SuperSoft Pellets
• Can also be used with other pellet types (see Photo 4)
• Use in paste mixes for hookbait wraps, lead wraps etc (see Photo 5)

Field testers (including resident expert, Ken Townley and independent anglers) were offered several prototypes of varying consistency, inclusion rate and fluidity and they were challenged to agree on a final version without comparing notes. (They couldn’t compare notes because we coded each batch and kept the numerous recipes secret). One thing all our field testers agreed was that it was not easy to agree a final version. The trend was that they were inclined to find that all versions worked to a very acceptable standard.

However, after much testing (in the UK and overseas) the finished product is one that we are all very proud of. Robin Red is our flagship product and we’re well aware that several of our “Approved Bait Firms” have taken liquid Robin Red to an exceptional level. Our aim, though, with this product was to launch a liquid which we felt reflected the original values of Robin Red in its simplest and unadulterated form as that offers anglers the opportunity to experiment and adjust the signal of an ingredient to keep carp (and your mates!) guessing.

Our “Approved Bait Firms” use genuine Robin Red and we encourage you to experiment with their liquids as well as ours (look for the Robin Red/Haith’s logo).

Haith’s Liquid Robin Red offers you 100% peace of mind that the liquid you’re purchasing contains genuine Haith’s ingredients. Our message is simple: when it comes to buying any Robin Red product – shop with an “Approved Bait Firm” or shop direct with Haith’s.

As far as we’re concerned our Liquid Robin Red is as close to Robin Red (in liquid form) as you can get; however, its qualities add extra value to the Robin Red range of products and its going to prove to be very versatile: add the legendary attractor in liquid form to boilies; pellet and particle mixes; stick and spod mixes. PVA Friendly. Contains 20% Robin Red.

“A liquid version of our flagship bait ingredient is something we have been looking at for some time but now we can truly say, this is the bee’s knees.” – Ken Townley



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