DAIWA Cast'izm Carp 13ft 3.90 3.50lb

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Unbelievable powerful and precise – these are the characteristics, which have been focused at the development of the Cast'Izm Carp. At the construction of this rod the DAIWA engineers especially have concentrated on the development of optimal casting properties and a powerful blank – thus, the Cast'Izm Carp rods are somewhat heavier rods but enable extreme casting distances and offer enormous power reserves to control even very big fish over great distances. At casting tests our team anglers easily reached distances of more than 100m with the 12ft. version!

The X45 carbon fiber construction in combination with the Kevlar strengthening within the blank makes it distortion-proof for precise casts. The Kevlar mats additionally care for an unbelievable strong backbone to force every fight with the fish. The V-Joint spigot joint ensures an optimal bending curve, which spreads the pressure evenly over the whole blank. The 50mm starter guide additionally optimizes the casting distance.

The Cast'Izm Carp surely will convince every distance-hunter.

The series additionally comprises two shorter versions (art. 11914-300, 11914-330) for fishing in difficult terrain or from the boat.
  • HVF® carbon fiber blank
  • Kevlar strengthened
  • Extremely strong blank construction
  • Fuji® Alconite K-guides
  • Starter guide 50mm
  • V-Joint® put-over joint
  • X45® carbon fiber construction
  • Exclusive transportation holdall


  • Lenght(m): 3.90
  • TC(lb): 3.50
  • Weight(g): 450
  • Transport lenght(cm): 203
  • Parts: 2
  • Guides: 6



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