Besplatna dostava za iznose iznad 250,00 KN za RH


Cormoran Corastrong 8-braid 135m 0.30mm Green

71,00 HRK

The CoraStrong 8-Braid – made of Micro Coramid.

No matter where you are fishing, which kind of fish you are targeting or which fishing technique you prefer – with the CoraStrong 8-Braid on your spool you are always on the safe side and can enjoy a line with optimal casting properties due to its tight, smooth braid structure and the exact calibration over the whole length. The CoraStrong 8-Braid is a real high-tech line with an incredible price-performance ratio.

Advantage 1: Optimum casting properties due to …

  • the smooth, optimal braid structure – the 8-Braid glides evenly through the guides
  • the special coating – reduces friction
  • the thin line diameter – less vulnerable at crosswind
  • a tight braid structure – no carving in
  • absorbes no water – structure remains
  • exact calibration over the whole length
  • reduced memory-effect – no coiling

Advantage 2: Optimal bite detection due to …

  • the slim line diameter – perfect at currents
  • little stretch – also softest taps are transmitted

Advantage 3: Improved safety during cast and fight due to …

  • the enormous strength – more than enough
  • the optimal ratio of diameter and linear strength
  • the excellent knot strength
  • little stretch – thus faster and more precise hooking
  • the high abrasion resistance – ideal for demanding conditions
  • UV resistance – resists also intense sun exposure
  • the long lifespan – leads to safety

Line color: green

Ref: 32-8013530

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