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Demon Hot Demon is one of the new breed of Performance Concept Boilies developed to provide carp with all their nutritional needs. There are only the highest grade natural ingredients used with no artificial colourings or flavours. Hot Demon has proved through long term exhaustive field testing to be a tremendous fish catcher with outstanding cold water results making it a perfect winter boilie. The bait is rich in pre-digested fishmeals and low temperature water soluble fish and spice oils, matched exclusively with selective crushed spices, vitamins and mineral extracts creating an appetite stimulating food source.

Demon is probably Starbaits most specialised boilie, it catches 1000’s of carp every year all around Europe. It was designed as a speciality bait as a high attract hook bait that will encourage the carp to look for it. Because of its super scented outburst and taste it is not recommended to bait to heavily with the demon, if demon is your chosen boilie then baiting and pre-baiting is probably best undertook with a collaboration with Demon and Probiotic Red at a level of about 5-7% demon and the rest Pro-Red.

Demon is so stringent in its natural flavours it seriously presents itself as a stand along hook bait for the long range angler, it works very well as a snowman with a lighter coloured pop up, it also has a very good catch rate when used with PVA either crushed in a bag or on an original stringer.


Bait analysis

  • Protein content 21.5%
  • Fat content 8.6%
  • Fibre content 3.6%


Demon is a very good all year round bait but is extremely effective in the hottest weather or the coldest spells.  Demon has a considerable amount of water soluble components in its make-up. The construction of the boilie has many ingredients such as crushed spices, yeast in various forms, Betaine in various forms, crushed cryo seeds and plant meals including garlic based products. It has several ingredients that are present in Robin Red although there is no Pure Robin red included. Salt is added both for mineral content and taste.



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