Starbaits Concept POP UP IF1 14 mm 80gr

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When you smell this boilie with its traditional fish catching aroma you will instantly feel it’s a winner. Packed full of the usual fish catching ingredients like liver and yeast etc this bait is packed with new hidden extras, superb soluble meat meals and ingredients both aquatic and botanical coupled with super ground spices and natural sugars. The livers used in this bait are presented from soluble powders, resourced extracts and liquid compounds, there is an element of winterised oils and a presence of Betaine. You can use this boilie all year round and it will respond to heavy mass baiting due to the amount of soluble liver that will be present in the lake from the boilie. With the inclusion of several meat organ meals and emulsions this bait is classed as a full 100% meaty boilie that carp respond to dramatically. Look out for a lot of big carp caught using this bait.



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