Starbaits Concept pop top GLMARINE

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This very successful boilie in the concept range of baits has been producing well for the Starbaits team field testers, culminating in catching some huge carp from varied waters. Packed full of pure fish meals and an advanced Green lipped muscle derivative that is water soluble creating a boilie that is highly irresistible to carp. Combined with other natural shellfish meals, yeasts and livers this creates a very high quality food source that will leak off many feed inducing triggers. This advanced GLM offers anglers a new concept that once eaten by the carp they simply become pre occupied on the source encouraging further investigation to find the boilie. With such tremendous feeding triggers this boilie lends itself to big baiting campaigns. Complete with matching products like pop ups and dips the GLMarine concept offers anglers the chance of big catches and memorable days.

Bait analysis

  • Protein content 27.7%
  • Fat content 8.6%
  • Fibre content 1.4%



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